Bentley writing numbers Feb 2010

Movie length about 2 minutes; downloading it depends on connection speed (watch the "play bar" to see when it is done downloading.)

The girls were all out shopping for a dress for Amy's first dance, and Bentley and Jay had walked downtown to do a few errands and returned home for supper.  Bentley has been asking about going to Canada since last summer (6 months ago!), and we had recently calculated that it was around 100 days.  100 days seems like a nice number for an intelligent pre-kindergarten student.  Besides, some of the learning goals are counting up and down by tens to 100 and up and down to 20 from 1.  So I took down a wall calendar Kila gave me for Christmas and Bentley started with the last day of school as "day zero."  Then we started counting backwards, going up in numbers, 1, 2, 3, and so on.  While Dad made waffles for supper, Bentley's favorite meal, Bentley sat at the table and wrote most of the numbers on the calendar from 1 up to the present day, Feb 28 as day number "96."  This video is a short clip of Bentley writing from 66 on up; length about 2 minutes.  

 copyright, 2012 Jay Reimer